Chopped Liver


I seem to have become chopped liver…  I’m lonely over here!


The “bedtime game’


We have a hard time convincing our 3 year old that when it is time for bed, it is not time to cry and whine, but to get into routine and go with it. We have told her that it’s just getting ready for tomorrow etc. She doesn’t care. She is very much like me… a night owl. I have heard good things about having a routine so they know what to expect and just go with it… truth is that made things even worse. Then she would refuse to brush her teeth or put on her PJ’s because she would know that ultimately that meant something she did not want to happen. So then she figured “if I don’t do the routine, then i don’t go to bed!”

Well at our wits end and quite tired of temper tantrums I came up with the bedtime game. I have a chart with her routine on there. 1. Get a pull up, 2. put on PJ’s 3. brush teeth 4. find her teddy and pick up toys 5. read story, pray and stay in bed. Now for each thing she does she gets a sticker. so each day she should have 5 stickers.. and and the end of the week if she gets 35 stickers she will get a small prize.

Now we don’t even have to read the list.. she will get a pull up and ask for a sticker… she will then put on her pjs.. and ask for a sticker.. so on and so forth… no temper tantrums the last 3 days!  I’m hoping that this game will last a long while… I may have to throw in a twist or two here or there but so far so good. I have gotten her into a healthy routine.. now we don’t have to say it’s bedtime.. we tell her it’s time to play the game… and she has fun with it and goes to bed without a fight.

So anyway I thought I’d share my idea with you for any parents out there who may have the same trouble I did!

God Bless!