Compassion and Necessary Pain


My Children never stop teaching me things!

Last night I saw a beautiful example in compassion. Not that I am not a compassionate person rofl, but this really struck a chord in me.

My daughter, a couple of days ago, had been disobedient, ignored several warnings and ended up as a result tripping over my foot and landing smack dab on her knee on hard cement. She bruised it really good and had a deep scrape. We had gotten her home, cleaned it up and went on from there. This was Monday.

The bruise has gotten pretty hefty and so she is stiff and sore in the mornings. The scrape had gotten a little bit of puss on the top layer, so we were advised just to keep it really clean. Last night I had to change her bandage and clean up the last little bit of the wound. Remembering how much it hurt, and it still being an open wound I had to clean it once again. This is not easy with any child, let alone a 3 year old! So I had to hold her down and clean it with the alcohol ( didn’t have any of the spray left ). She screamed and cried and begged me not to touch it. Oh! It was awful. Eli was sitting next to her the entire time. He would cry when she would cry… his face bore great concern for his sister. and he wriggled like it was just uncomfortable to watch, bless his heart.

I got the wound clean and realized I hadn’t grabbed a fresh bandage… so I asked her to remain very still as to not get blood every where and she nodded, tears still streaming. Eli, without asking, had gotten up, ran and found her teddy bear (which gives her comfort ) and came running back to her “sissy, teddy… sissy teddy!” then he gave it to her, sat down and actually caressed her head the same way I do for him when he is hurting or not feeling well. (Eli is 21 months old by the way )

Oh does it tug at your heart strings or what! So when I had to administer the bandage Kay was again begging me to not touch it, so I said, Eli hold Kay’s hand. He did without a second thought. I put on the band aid and we had a group hug and prayed for Kay.

Gal 6:1-3
6:1 Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted. 2 Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. 3 If anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he deceives himself. NIV

Ok, not that children think this way, but it wouldn’t have occurred to Eli to tell his sister “well.. you did ignore mommy, so it was your fault that you’re hurting you know”  It wouldn’t occur to him because a child simply doesn’t think that way. They forgive so easy, and then compassion. There are no other factors to consider. Eli didn’t try to stop me from doing what I was doing, because he knew that mommy was just fixing things and not purposely hurting for the sake of hurting. He simply walked her through it, had empathy for her and compassion.

God tells us to carry one another’s burdens, have compassion on one another. We can’t ignore sin, but we can’t ignore the sinner because of sin either. For example, if a young girl is pregnant outside of marriage… is it a good thing the predicament that she got herself in.. no… sex outside of marriage is sin… period. But do I condemn her and say “you’re on your own now kid ”  either? Most definitely not! I am not condoning the sin by caring for her and making sure her needs are met. But it is not my place to condemn her either.

Eli shone in his example. If he could think like an adult I would imagine his thoughts along the lines of “Sissy, I am so sorry that you are hurting. This pain that mommy is administering is necessary, but you will be ok, let me reassure you as you go through this. ”

There will be consequences of our actions. The second lesson I gleaned from this experience besides compassion is that sometimes we will go through refining fires. It’s not comfortable to go through that process, but it is necessary… because without these fires there would still be impurities that could hurt us or hold us back or both. If I did not clean Kay’s wound, germs can get in there and infection could spread. The pain of cleaning it was necessary. So Eli’s compassion was to not stop the pain, but to bear her burden through it.

I love my babies!


I’d like you to meet…

My Maggie… isn’t she cute.. they say she’s a hound mix…
 but I’m seeing dalmation in her…  I am not huge on dogs… but I do like her!


Keep Prayin’ pwease


I am still very sick. I can not shake this thing. Of course there is no opportunity to really rest like I should with two kids…

but I’m adding to the prayer.. to please pray my babies don’t get this I have been tryign very hard for them to not get sick!

Thank you

see you all soon  hopefully



If you all could pray for me.. I have this cold that didn’t seem too too bad in the beginning but now it’s even worse. My teeth are hurting and .. man I don’t want to have to go to a Dr.

thta’s partly why I haven’t ‘been’ around in full.. been caught peekin’ at a few blogs (hee hee) but by the time I get to replyin’ I’m tired again and need to go lay down and crash.

Thanks y’all

Texas Hash


I thought that I would throw a low cost meal at you all.

Texas Hash

1 onion chopped
1 green pepper chopped
1 tbsp chili powder
1 tsp salt
1 tsp black pepper
1 lb ground beef ( I use ground turkey, it’s cheaper and healthier)
28 oz can of chopped tomatoes
2.5 cups rice

Brown the meat in frying pan, when the meat is just about brown -add in the pepper, onion and spices, continue until the meat is throughly cooked and the veggies are soft.

Get a baking dish and put the tomatoes in there.. mix in the meat mixture and the uncooked rice. Cover the dish and bake in the oven for 25 minutes.

It’s very easy and my favorite part.. inexpensive!

Feeds about 4 – 6 adults depending on the portions they take.







it was spicy, a little, not overly so

I chewed it up

I swallowed it

and I gave the rest to my husband and I won’t touch it again ROFL

But I can say that I did it!

Thank you Sis Anne for making it.. but I will stick to the other things!