Who here shaves…


Thier toes. Really come on now you can admit it. I just have to do my big toes… the rest are smooth. And really I only get like 3 or 4 hairs.

Today I decided to wax them.   What was I thinking. Oh my poor big toes!!!!!!!


don’t call me twinkle toes… and don’t call me hairy toes either ROFL are you not all SO GLAD I shared this with you?


MAR27 add:  You all crack me up! The tan lines ROFL

Suddenly I feel like singing “in the jungle the mighty jungle the Lion sleeps tonight…”

And by the way ROFL my hairy toes are a hit you shoulda seeeeen all the footprints I had… only ten comments hmmm.. perhaps those footprints on my xanga were hairy ones who still shave in shame? HEHEHEHE

Now all we need to complete this laughter is to find a guy who does it ROFL

MAR 28 update – OK my Music Minister informs me that tweezers hurt yet even more. Now I have to wonder.. how many different forms of torture have you put you toes under! I’ve shaved and waxed so far. I don’t know if I would have done the tweezers.. but then again her logic makes sense… one or two hairs tweezers quick.. but not so painless ROFL   Who here has cut the poor toe? The stinker bleeds like nothing else ROFL.


Are you happy with the name your parents gave you? Why or why not?


Yes! I just finished this whole spiel on Donna’s blog hehehe.  My parents named me a good name. a rather common one, but I like it. And the meaning behind it is cool too!

Names are important… they carry meaning and weight behind them. Last names told often of what the job of a person was.. their family trade. (Carpenter, Smith, etc)

But names carry meaning.. and there have been times in the Bible where GOd changed the name of someone and thus changing their destiny.

I chose particular names for my children, not just because I liked how it sounded but because the meaning behind the names. 


I just answered this Featured Question, you can answer it too!

Should I be concerned?


My Children… as much of a handful as they can be.. crack me up! I walk out of the office to find them putting Kay’s nylon stockings on their heads. I thought to myself “should I call the local convienance stores to beware?”  ROFL

*PS* I know it looks white in the picture but.. my SON picked the PINK ones rofl