My Little April Fool


    Today is my daughter’s 4th birthday! I can hardly believe it! She will begin preschool this coming August… Time sure does fly by.  I can remember finding out when I was pregnant with her.. can still picture the whole scenerio in my mind.  I also remember teasing the PW friends about labor the night before…. to be a silly April Fools.. well the fool was on me I really was in labor!

    I had pretended to be electrocuted as a learning nurse was so careful to put the sensory pads on my belly… she screamed.. we all laughed….. never did see her again.

    Kaylin Entered this world at around 2 pm cst I think it was. I don’t remember the exact time any more but she was so tiny.. still is slender… has powerful legs though. She had a Dr appointment yesterday… complete with a vaccination … kicked the nurses pretty good from what I understand (ROFL)

    My baby sure is growing up to be a beautiful and sweet little girl . Before bed she will have to say “Mommy guess what?”  “What?” “I love you more”  at least 5 times before I have to relent and say “ok honey you win for tonight .. goodnight”  and even then she will say it one more time.

    In Four years she has already taught me so much… she encourages me, she makes me laugh. She makes me frustrated and she plain ol wears me out… she is my joy and I thank God so much for her.

    Happy Birthday Kaylin!