The “Choking” Game


I need to make this brief, as I am on my way to church.

Our Beloved friends, Dave and Cindy, recently lost their son. (the Day before yesterday).  Without going into details the death was ruled accidental… their son had been playing – or curious about – the ‘choke game’

It is a very dangerous game that adolescents play – where in a nut shell they restrict the air  just enough to ‘pass out’ (IF you’re lucky enough to ONLY pass out). There’s a high from it. 

What they DON’T know is that not only are you hurting your body, brain function ( you actually suffocate your brain, and KILL brain cells ) and whatever else….  kids DIE from this. It’s not a myth, it’s not a lie. Kids do this, and there are too many cases where they die from this.

I have herd of this – before – as when I was younger we called it something different…. I can’t quite remember  something about ‘sleep’.

I wasn’t going to post really anything about this ‘game’ until I discovered that I knew.. quite a few people who have never heard of this. Though it surprised me, a little, that they didn’t know it was a stark reminder of how we must help one another be aware of as much as possible.

And SO I want to warn those, in my ‘reach’ about this ‘game’ that is not really a game… but something very dangerous. And I can tell you now, unfortunately, from the perspective of having known someone that lost their baby to this ‘game’

I’m ‘Stealing’ a link another friend had shared  *winks* as it is an excellent source of information.

Make yourselves aware of this parents, teachers, leaders and teens…. it’s important to know, and help others to know the truth and stop it from happening in our lives.



A loved young man, has passed away.


When things in life, down here, happen that we do not understand, help us to hold tighter to you. When the hurt and pain threaten to crush us under great weight and pressure, give us peace, and that joy that is our strength — continually. Through tears we will thank you for what we have, and for your tender mercies that bring us through.

Father, touch Cindy, Lord minister to her in ways as only you know how. Give her the peace that truly passes all understanding, and let it be absolutely amazing. Father Touch Dave and Jarrod and all their family and loved ones in the same manner. Touch each one as they need you. Heal that hurt like only you can Jesus.

Lord, we ask that you provide all their needs. Financially as well. Lord lets the money pour in, so that it will be one less concern in this time. Give them every opportunity to make this life transition as gently as possible.

Father give those who love this family the words, or just the right presence to minister to this family. Help all of us to not say too much, or too little. Give us the wisdom to minister to this family.

Help us all, Father, to trust in you… even when there are no words, when there is no understanding.

In Jesus Name,




I know I’m just posting this now but please pray for our friend, CINDY  and her family as they face a huge battle. Their youngest son is fighting for his life, and will absolutely need a miracle to survive.

We’ve all been praying for them all day today….. I’ve just now had the chance to further increase the prayer circle.

Thank you for praying