Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain


Confession: This book surprised me. I picked up the book for review figuring that being in the ministry it would make a good tool in assisting and counseling others through their pain, and through struggles that they may be facing. What I was not prepared for was the wonderful way they addressed issues in my own life. I found myself reading out loud to my husband knowing that these things would encourage him as well. Meier and Henderson use many life examples and stories (even some personal experiences) to illustrate on how we can not only get through life’s tough and painful spots, but how we can become better because of them. These authors are very honest and to the point, and lay it out in such a loving way. The whole book is well laid out and very easy to read…and I especially valued that they run over the main points at the end of each section, as well as have some self reflection questions that really help you to locate yourself in what you are learning. I’ve already recommended this book to several of my friends who are eager to read it as well.

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