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As you can tell – (heheh) I love to read! I am dangerous in a book store people, I’m just sayin’! A while back I had gotten a book called “Crazy Love” by Frances Chan. It was funny how I came across that one – I was browsing for something else and the simplicity of the cover and the title is actually what had caught my attention. I picked it up and began to read it while waiting on some friends – well I was hooked right away and ended up purchasing the book. It’s a great book. The stories he shares, coupled with Biblical references just encourages you to get into ‘crazy love’. It’s a keeper, and just talking about it I think I may read that one again….

…. but all that to say naturally when I was browsing my favorite section at the book store and spotted his name on this book called “Forgotten God” I had to have it! And so I purchased the book, without even reading the back. I just knew it would be good… and I was not disappointed. I’d love to keep this one but God has put it on my heart to give it to someone, if they say ‘yes, please send me the book’. (Is it terrible to admit that I secretly hope he says no thank you? hahaha I AM bad! ) – In all seriousness if he’d like to have it I will be honored to send it to him, God puts things on our hearts for good reason yanno!

Anyway enough rabbit trail chasing (I know I’m bad today!) This book was just as good, and inspiring as well as convicting as “Crazy Love” He discusses the neglect of the Holy Spirit in our churches, but not just there in our own lives as Christians. He reminds us of how the Bible describes the Holy Spirit, and encourages us to return to a right relationship and understanding with the Holy Spirit. We were not created and saved to merely survive the time we have on earth – but to be known as powerful because He dwells in us.

It was timely for me that I read this book – I even quoted this book in sharing something God was showing me (read that post HERE)

One thing I love about Pastor Chan, is is sincere heart to share the true and correct word of God. His heart’s desire for people to find God and have Him to the fullest is impeccably evident in his life. And what’s beautiful is the same thing that I admire about this gentleman, is the very same thing that keeps him humble.

Check out this book! Get Crazy Love too! And when you have a moment, look up some of his videos on youtube. Good stuff.

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I purchased this book myself and so the review is my own personal opinion. I just have to share a good thing!


The Vertical Self – Book Review


We truly live in an age where our true identity is hard to decipher from all that we pretend it to be. I’ve actually been feeling God calling us to find out who we are in Him, to re-identify ourselves by His word.

“The Vertical Self” by Mark Sayers does a good job of identifying the issues that arise when we try to find our identity…. he describes how we often create our own by piecing together cheap imitations of who we were originally designed to be – made in the image of God. “By stepping into this journey of discovering what God truly desires for our lives, we won’t just discover a new way of living out our faith — we will discover liberating, revolutionary, life-embracing was of being truly human.”

I enjoyed this book. Mark Sayers has a lot of relevant examples of how we misplace our identity and smoothly describes ways of how we can find our true selves. Although he does use the Bible to make some points, I would have like to see it used a little more – after all it is about finding our identity in Him. This book, however seems to be geared toward a younger audience (high school/college) and I can see it appealing to them a little more.

All in all it was a decent book, that does discuss an important issue of identity in our lives.

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