I need to get out of customer service


I have been taking calls for different shopping channels for the last 6 – 7 years. And I think I am at my limit with spoiled selfish people who think of nothing but themselves.

It is amazing to me how rude people can be to those trying to serve them… I especially hate the customers who call in with a chip on their shoulder. Something has gone wrong and they don’t give a rats ass that I had nothing to do with their frustration. I can certainly understand when something has gone wrong, the customer being frustrated and needing a resolution as soon as possible. But I promise you, calling and yelling at me is not going to get you anywhere. 

And I’m sorry but I have nights where I feel like I get every  dummy there is in this country, and I wonder how people even make it in today’s world. 

Yes, this IS a bit of a grumpy post. lol but it feels good to get it off my chest. 




Old confronts the new…


I park a few blocks down from my children’s school and I walk to the school to pick them up. It’s easier this way, as the pickup line is often long and congested. Today I brought my Chorkie ( chihuahua/Yorkshire terrier) as per my daughter’s request. I call her the rat dog because she is so tiny, her eyes bulge out of her head lol, but she is cute and we love her. 

I walked her to the school and I am the second parent that has arrived. The first is this wonderful woman who has her bible open and is reading it cheerfully to herself. At first I didn’t want to sit at the tables, just not knowing how she felt about dogs, even a small one can intimidate people. But she started in on how cute the dog was, so I went ahead and sat. We began discussing the weather ( as strangers often do lol ) and it lead into  a few other conversations, ending with a discussion about church and religion and the like. 

The conversation came to an old familiar tune. People make excuses to not go to church… with the main excuse being that there are hypocrites in the church, or they have been offended by Christians. I never did voice the fact that I, myself, am taking a break from attending church. And the main reason is because, I have been hurt. 

I got to thinking though— what is, if any, the difference between an excuse and a reason? And the answer is accountability. An excuse tends to put off accountability, it’s something that’s beyond my control and therefore I can’t even control my reaction to it. Reason is taking accountability for your part in it. 

I do have my reasons for not attending church for a season. I have been hurt by other Christians, but I’ve also allowed my thoughts and my judgement to become clouded. Instead of approaching everything with clear and critical thought, I approached everything in a manner that would make me popular. I was a people pleaser to a debilitating degree.  Colossians itself talks about not being deceived by fine sounding arguments. 1 John 4:1 tells us to not believe every spirit but to test it, see if it is from God. I needed to take a step back, I needed to re-evaluate what it was that I actually believed. I needed to discover what it was that I needed, and who I really was in God, not who I had proclaimed and pretended to be all these years. I don’t know how long my healing will take, but I do know that my relationship with God is growing strong as a result of stepping back and saying, whoa, wait a minute. 

So today I found it an interesting challenge that my old way of thinking was confronted with my new way of thinking, with what I am just now discovering for the first time. I knew where this wonderful woman was coming from, part of me immediately objected to what she was saying ( there is a bit of defensiveness in me still) until I realized it wasn’t her I was resisting.. it was my own old thoughts and beliefs that I had set aside. She was obviously genuinely happy and settled with her walk, with what she held dear to her heart and I finally came to the conclusion that it was ok, and actually yay for her! And in the same breathe, it was ok for me to not take quite the same stance, after all relationship is personal. 

Still healing, still learning, still growing. 

Grumpy customers make for a grumpy sales rep


I know that they say “the customer is always right”  — well whoever came up with that crap needs to be slapped. Seriously. 

When they made the statement I’m sure it was a means to keep in mind for customer satisfaction, and I agree that their satisfaction is important, you want a well run business with products and service in which you can brag about and be known for…. but sometimes, actually a lot of the time attitude just goes way too far. 

I have so many spoiled people that call in that want it their way or the highway. I just finished with a lady, that after calmly and politely explaining to her that the date range on the coin she was ordering was within a certain range, but unfortunately could not specify the date for this coin. That it was the type of thing that the dates were mixed in together and when you bought the coin the date was chosen at random. I can understand being disappointed, but she got irate and  stated over me speaking “1941 or none! 1941 or none!” so finally I just replied, “then it is none, thank you for calling” and I made my closing. 

Like I said I can understand disappointment, even a little frustration, but when you’ve been told that it is a certain way, why demand it your way when it ends up being you asking for blood from a stone? It jsut frustrates everyone involved, and you still don’t get your way. 

We are so spoiled… so many that stomp and spit trying to get their way. Do you know how often I am threatened over silly things? They whine and complain over every little detail. Making me feel like if I don’t kiss ass enough I could lose my job, my income, my means of support just because the customer didn’t get their way exactly.  

Its frustrating. 

That’s enough ranting lol… ut what do you think…. have customers become unreasonably demanding, whats the middle ground?

Some things die hard.


So here I am trying very hard to not care too much what others think of me…. I envy those who are able to dance to the beat of their own drum and enjoy it regardless of what others think of their dance. 

My whole life I have lived in a way to please others. I wanted to be sure that everyone was happy, and that everyone was happy with me. In my mind’s eye who could be any better than a person who is self sacrificing… the ultimate humble! Right? Wrong. It took me this long to figure out that this isn’t humble at all, but a method of dealing with self esteem issues and lack of confidence in myself to know that I am worth knowing who I am, as I am.

It took me this long to get that this cycle of madness was only hurting me, and others because it actually involves a lot of dishonesty. Sometimes no is really a better answer, even if it isn’t the popular one. 

So here I am this morning, wondering if certain people are upset with me. The crazy part is that there should be no reason for them to be. Just this silly fear that pops up, and tormenting thoughts of “you’re just not good enough”. I guess I’m blogging about it as a means to ease the pressure a bit on myself… so that I can remind myself in a way that I can see… that I am ok. Those who love me, love me… those who don’t … well WTF is wrong with you? LOL.   Seriously, those who don’t… don’t. 

*Deep breathe* ok on to my day ….heart



Religious Detox


To define Detox is quite simple, when we detox we rid ourselves of things that are not good for us, that can hurt us.

I had lunch with an old friend of mine this week, it was wonderful in so many ways. We talked about how we grew up, the challenges we faced then, the ones we face now. And one conclusion we had both come to is that some where along the way we had been building up religious toxins in our hearts, in our lives, in our understanding of life.

I had collected so much religious toxin that I was trapped with the idea that I was just never good enough. I was terrified, always that I had just sinned one too many times and I just wasn’t going to make the cut.

Now I know all the verses and I still felt this way. I know that there is no condemnation for those in Christ. I know He will never forsake me nor leave me…. I could list all of these comforting verses but the truth is I was so full of religious toxin that these did me no good. My religious diet was full of what was being done wrong with a huge list of don’ts on the side. I was so focused on sin that I couldn’t see past it to the grace that was claimed to be there for me. I could not focus on any kind of relationship with God because I was too focused on perfecting my walk. ( to use christianese)

We were created for relationship. We were created to love…. and in order to love truly we had to have free will… because forced love is not what we desire.. it is not what God desires. So why not focus on this? Read the Bible because I WANT to, not because it will make me better but because it will enrich the relationship in which I was created for?

Have you ever walked down the street looking at nothing but your feet? You can do it for a while, but eventually something is going to get in your way, you may not even be walking in a straight line but you’d never know it because you are so focused on the mechanics of it. Walking down the street with your head up, taking in everything and just walking is more effective… because walking is natural. When we focus so much on making sure we pray just the right way, making sure we read the bible enough, go to the right church, do this right, that right, but dont do this and dont do that… you are focusing on the mechanics of something that you were created to do and therefore should come naturally.

Anyway, so here I am, detoxifying from religious toxins. I have a very different perspective on life, on religion, church… family … all of it. How crazy is it that I feel more confident with who I am in God, and it’s become a controversial thing.

Call it what you want…


… but when it comes down to it the Bible does say to “work out your OWN salvation” 


I have been on a journey, unlike anything that I could have ever imagined. If I were able to go back to myself ten years ago to let myself know where I would be at today, I am not entirely confident I would believe it. 

I have been so hurt by religion, it runs deeper than anyone could possibly imagine. I finally had come to a breaking point where I said ENOUGH! NO MORE! I turned my back on everything I had ever held dear. I turned back on my beliefs, on God, on myself everything. I shut down and I refused to give a crap anymore. I am coming out of it, I still believe in God, but my views, my opinions my thoughts have changed drastically on many things. 

I’ve learned the hard way that majority of religious people who claim to have the love of God in them would rather extend a finger of shame and judgement, then extend a hand of grace and  mercy. It’s no wonder why so many shout “you don’t know me you don’t understand!” – quite frankly the statement is accurate. When I was in my darkest hour, no one went with me. Instead I was proverbially stoned and accused… told that I was so far from God that they were desperately afraid for my salvation. Afraid for me? Really? Where were you when I needed you.

Anyway, I am going to try this blogging thing again for a while. This is a new journey, albeit a ‘controversial’ one. Keep in mind I am not asking anyone to agree with the way I feel or think out loud. But check yourself before any fingers are pointed… I may have a few fingers to point of my own.