Call it what you want…


… but when it comes down to it the Bible does say to “work out your OWN salvation” 


I have been on a journey, unlike anything that I could have ever imagined. If I were able to go back to myself ten years ago to let myself know where I would be at today, I am not entirely confident I would believe it. 

I have been so hurt by religion, it runs deeper than anyone could possibly imagine. I finally had come to a breaking point where I said ENOUGH! NO MORE! I turned my back on everything I had ever held dear. I turned back on my beliefs, on God, on myself everything. I shut down and I refused to give a crap anymore. I am coming out of it, I still believe in God, but my views, my opinions my thoughts have changed drastically on many things. 

I’ve learned the hard way that majority of religious people who claim to have the love of God in them would rather extend a finger of shame and judgement, then extend a hand of grace and  mercy. It’s no wonder why so many shout “you don’t know me you don’t understand!” – quite frankly the statement is accurate. When I was in my darkest hour, no one went with me. Instead I was proverbially stoned and accused… told that I was so far from God that they were desperately afraid for my salvation. Afraid for me? Really? Where were you when I needed you.

Anyway, I am going to try this blogging thing again for a while. This is a new journey, albeit a ‘controversial’ one. Keep in mind I am not asking anyone to agree with the way I feel or think out loud. But check yourself before any fingers are pointed… I may have a few fingers to point of my own. 




5 thoughts on “Call it what you want…

  1. I’ve pretty much been in the same boat….reeling from pain church people have caused. Glad to see you back here! I just saunter through from time-time….but I will be watching for you. Praying for God’s blessing of peace in your life. ❤  Q.’

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