Grumpy customers make for a grumpy sales rep


I know that they say “the customer is always right”  — well whoever came up with that crap needs to be slapped. Seriously. 

When they made the statement I’m sure it was a means to keep in mind for customer satisfaction, and I agree that their satisfaction is important, you want a well run business with products and service in which you can brag about and be known for…. but sometimes, actually a lot of the time attitude just goes way too far. 

I have so many spoiled people that call in that want it their way or the highway. I just finished with a lady, that after calmly and politely explaining to her that the date range on the coin she was ordering was within a certain range, but unfortunately could not specify the date for this coin. That it was the type of thing that the dates were mixed in together and when you bought the coin the date was chosen at random. I can understand being disappointed, but she got irate and  stated over me speaking “1941 or none! 1941 or none!” so finally I just replied, “then it is none, thank you for calling” and I made my closing. 

Like I said I can understand disappointment, even a little frustration, but when you’ve been told that it is a certain way, why demand it your way when it ends up being you asking for blood from a stone? It jsut frustrates everyone involved, and you still don’t get your way. 

We are so spoiled… so many that stomp and spit trying to get their way. Do you know how often I am threatened over silly things? They whine and complain over every little detail. Making me feel like if I don’t kiss ass enough I could lose my job, my income, my means of support just because the customer didn’t get their way exactly.  

Its frustrating. 

That’s enough ranting lol… ut what do you think…. have customers become unreasonably demanding, whats the middle ground?


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