My Skunk Blanket


There is something comforting in my old tattered, worn out skunk blanket. 

Though I was incredibly young when my mom made it for me, I can still recall glimpses of images of her laying out the pattern, pinning the satin around the edges. My mom didn’t make things too often, so this was done with me in mind specifically, each piece sewn together has love in each and every stitch. 

The blanket is in the shape of “Flower”, the skunk from the movie “Bambi” – mostly pink with black to make the outline of the character. A touch of yellow in the flower in which it holds.. and white satin edges. Well, that’s what it used to look like anyway. The satin has been rubbed off by growing fingers, the material has faded and come apart from washing it for the past 30 years. But it is still the one I prefer when I’ve had a rough day. 

Recipe for unwinding: skunk blanket that was made with love, a warm cup of tea, milk and sugar, please. 1 good book, a movie might do, in either case the blanket must be present.

Thanks mom. 


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