How long would you allow them to be your friend?



You know, there are days that I seriously do NOT know what I would do without people like my brother and sister. People like my mom who has always been there for me.. pushing me when I need to be pushed, loving me when I need to be loved. People like my dad who always seems to say “I love you” right at the exact moment I need to hear it. There was one Valentines day where every other girl I knew (

 when I was a teenager ) got flowers… I didn’t. Mom got a hold of dad, and my daddy came home with flowers for me. I will never ever EVER forget that… it spoke volumes to me and I knew.. I KNEW my importance with things like that. And then I have all my friends, young and old who have been there to encourage me, provide me with resources… never ever letting me sit down. It is SO important to encourage one another … to FORGIVE and not point blame. But we need to keep in mind that the most important form of encouragement.. are the words we say to ourselves. If we REFUSE to know that we can be loved, if we refuse to know that we are worth something than even someone who would give their life for you could not bring you out of it. I know sometimes life hurts to a point where we just feel like we can not lift our heads. I am guilty myself of saying NO FORGET IT I GIVE UP I DONT CARE. I have been guilty of begging to go to sleep and just not wake up. I know what it is to be at the bottom. But somehow tonight I just know that if I give up completely, it boils down to my responsibility. DO I want my life to change? DO I truly want to be happy? Then I need to decide that I am worth the effort to make the change. TO let others point me in the right direction, to encourage me.

2 thoughts on “How long would you allow them to be your friend?

  1. I used to talk to Christmas tree ornaments before I hung them  on the back of the tree. I’d tell them the back of the tree is an important place to be. That’s why all my friends are important and why all my friends are Christmas tree ornaments.

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